Is This Why You Want to be Fit in 2020?

Is This Why You Want to Be Fit in 2020? Appreciating the Past and Setting Intentions The end and start of a year is an opportunity to look both back and appreciate and look forward and set intentions. We can do this will all aspects of our lives, but today I want to focus ourContinue reading “Is This Why You Want to be Fit in 2020?”

Growth after Trauma

By the time my students reach my classes at Miami Dade College many of them (research shows from 66 to 85%) have experienced a traumatic lifetime event. These events range from the death of a loved one to physical and sexual abuse. These numbers clearly go up as we get older. I see this asContinue reading “Growth after Trauma”

Yoga for Everyone

When most people think of yoga, they often imagine slender, hyper flexible women doing beautiful poses. OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration! But the idea out there for many is that yoga is for the fit and flexible and primarily young. This stereotype is worth shattering. It’s worth shattering because yoga offers those of us whoContinue reading “Yoga for Everyone”

Reversing Heart Risk with Exercise

A study published January 8, 2018 adds evidence to what we already know: Exercise is good for you! The study in the journal Circulation followed 53 middle-aged participants (45-64) who were healthy but lived a sedentary life. Participants were placed in two groups. One had supervised high-intensity exercise training, and the other followed an exercise planContinue reading “Reversing Heart Risk with Exercise”

What Does It Mean To Be Unconventional?

In today’s post we want to share a conversation that could help you in your health journey. Over the last couple of years Maribel and I have been paying more attention to the root causes of many of our own health struggles and have been inspired by the work of both Mark Hyman and ChrisContinue reading “What Does It Mean To Be Unconventional?”

Quads and Glutes before Hip Surgery

I started working with Maribel in April  2017 to get into shape and increase my strength and overall wellbeing. I have known Carlos for several years and when I found out that Maribel was a personal trainer, it seemed like destiny that I work with her.  That general health regime took on a more focused direction when IContinue reading “Quads and Glutes before Hip Surgery”