Hips Don’t Lie

This past week I worked with a client who was experiencing hip pain. She’s in her early 60’s and had an MRI done that did not show anything that wrong with hip. Her doctor suggested physical therapy along with cortisone shots. As I was getting ready to begin our yoga session, I told her that […]

Mango and Avocado Salad

We are often asked about fruit in our diet. In the past I ate as much of it as possible. I can say that I was a fruit-a-holic. In this past year I began to reduce my sugar intake in order to improve my cardiovascular health.  In the process, I realized that the fructose in fruit […]

Our Household

This post is a follow up from last week’s. So many of you who come to our classes and workshops are wrestling with health and weight issues. I say you, but I want you to understand that both Maribel and I also struggle and wrestle. You are not alone! Based on the criteria from the […]

Fat and Gratitude

A month ago I was at my cardiologist for a checkup. My blood pressure was low and he asked why I was on medications. I told him he was the one that had prescribed them for me about eight years ago. He looked at me funny, and told me I needed to be off of them. […]

Craving Something Sweet

Find yourself craving something sweet? You are not alone. New research suggests that processed foods are as addictive as some hard core drugs. The food industry knows this and does not care if you are hooked. Kraft Foods spent $683 million on advertising in the US in 2012. (Source: Advertising Age) The consequences are disastrous, […]

Losing Weight without a Plan–Not Such a Good Idea

Working with numbers has never been a favorite thing of mine. Maribel is the one who does all of the accounting and keeps our banking in order. I’m a royal mess when it comes to those things. I say this because measuring is not something I do naturally. Yet, when it comes to my health, […]

The Dreaded Scale

Every week we have people step on the scale at our little gym and check their progress. This moment is often dreaded. The scale does not lie. However, it is often misleading. Here’s what we have seen. People often who go on diets and lose a lot of weight quickly,  gain it back, and then become […]

Cuban Pancakes

Brown, yellow, green, short and stubby, thin and long. They come in so many varieties. What to do with plantains? I’m at the market and my mind creates an image of a plate with tostones (smashed fried green plantains), mariquitas (smaller and thinner smashed green plantains), and fufu de platanos (mashed green plantain with loads of garlic and […]