Selfie Meditation Practice

We’ve been hosting 15-minute meditation sessions on Sunday nights using Zoom. Last night we began a tonglen styled meditation practice. It’s simple and powerful. Here are the notes. If you are interested in joining us, we meet Sunday nights from 9-9:15 PM. Here’s the link. Keep in mind that you don’t have to speak orContinue reading “Selfie Meditation Practice”

The Blessing of Uncertainty

It’s not clear to me how I came to this understanding that what I’m doing in the classroom is working on myself, but it’s a realization that happened early in my work. Writing this last sentence is an admission of sorts. I don’t know how many of my fellow teachers see it or experience teachingContinue reading “The Blessing of Uncertainty”

Love Guides

As we left Gainesville this morning, we could not help but realize that wherever we are, we are given an abundance of guidance, reminding us not to fear, to trust, and to act with confidence, strength of conviction, and love. Love guides and marks the path, even when the path is only one step, unclear,Continue reading “Love Guides”

With Intention

We are on this planet for a short time. What kind of impact do we want to have? Everyday is an opportunity. Can we walk in such a way that our love can serve as a signpost to those who come after us? Live with intention. via Instagram