Take a look at our calendar and the classes we are offering. Please contact Maribel (786.991.2269) for questions regarding fitness classes. Contact Carlos (305.403.9542) regarding yoga.


Personal Training

We offer one-on-one training at your home or in a convenient location. These sessions are tailored to your needs. We usually start with a personal assessment that includes a body mass composition analysis. With your feedback, we come up with a balanced plan that will help you reach your personal goals. Call Maribel to set up your first session: 786.991.2269.


Small Group Training

Working in small groups often inspires people to continue working toward their wellness goals, especially when motivation runs dry. Our small group offerings allow individuals to partner with two others in a supportive environment. We create classes that focus on the group’s needs. Because the classes are comprised of three individuals, there’s plenty of attention on form and personalized coaching.


Fitness Class

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 5-6 PM we meet at the Red Pavilion in Continental Park (10000 SW 82 Ave) for an inspiring and perspiring class in the outdoors. This class is all levels which means that the exercises are set up so that you can intensify them as you progress. The class uses mostly body weight exercises with some bands, dumb bells, and kettle bells.



Monday and Thursday from 7-8 PM we offer yoga at the Dice House in Continental Park (10001 SW 82 Ave). These hour-long sessions complement our resistance and cardio classes. Our yoga sessions are geared for people who have never practiced yoga and would like to experience greater flexibility, range of motion, and stress reduction.

We also provide personal yoga classes. If you are new to yoga and would like to pay close attention to your breathing and form, setting up a couple of private sessions is a good idea. Please call Carlos to do so: 305.403.9542.


Healthy Eating Workshops

Once or twice a month we provide classes that range from mindful eating and menu planning to cooking with local ingredients. These sessions are meant to provide you with the tools that can transform your eating habits and life. We know of nothing more effective for weight loss than these classes.

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