Drinking Tonight? 

We often hear that one glass of wine a day can be healthy, but for many, one drink is often not enough and one glass leads to two. 

For those working on weight loss, this is a major problem as alcohol comes with empty calories that easily become visceral fat

If you are trying to lose weight, drinking regularly will stall your weightloss!

Now a new study published in the British Medical Journal indicates that moderate drinking affects the brain in ways not previously understood, specifically the frontal lobes. According to the BMJ, 

  • Compared with abstinence, moderate alcohol intake is associated with increased risk of adverse brain outcomes and steeper cognitive decline in lexical fluency
  • The hippocampus is particularly vulnerable, which has not been previously linked negatively with moderate alcohol use
  • No protective effect was found for small amounts of alcohol over abstinence, and previous reports claiming a protective effect of light drinking might have been subject to confounding by associations between increased alcohol and higher social class or IQ

So if you thought that glass of wine was healthy for you, read the report. More significant, if you are drinking more than the equivalent of a glass of wine per day, consider reducing not only for weight maintenance but also long term brain health. 

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