This past year was one where I faced some difficult physical challenges. Shattering my elbow last year brought on a cascade of issues that involved my mobility and made me think much more about the aging process.

Two major surgeries and eight days of being in the hospital took a toll on my body. I saw my muscles shrivel. I definitely felt weaker as a result of the intense inactivity of being bed bound.


This made me think more about the role of muscles and the importance to have optimal muscle mass as we age and as we inevitably face the possibilities of debilitating illnesses. Muscles are not merely there for us to lift heavy things. They also serve as a storage bank of amino acids the body uses to heal itself.

There are two basic ways we have to develop muscle mass: working out and food. This week we want to share a conversation by Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, a functional medicine physician who specializes on optimizing muscle growth as we age. If you are middle aged or older, this conversation offers a powerful key to optimize your health by optimizing your muscle mass and prioritizing muscle growth.

Take a look and let us know what you think.

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