Physical Therapy and Yoga

I started physical therapy this week. I’ve been waiting eagerly for this moment in my healing process. I’m so excited and grateful! As I’ve had my arm worked on, I’ve realized that I can approach the therapy as a yoga practice where I explore and befriend sensation without judgment and expectation.

This past Thursday I taught my first yoga class since our trip to Spain. I was going to do my one armed downdog and found that my hand could now flex enough to go flat on the mat. Although I still can’t put any weight on the right arm, it felt like a major breakthrough to have my entire palm of my hand on the mat. What a great feeling!

I have come to accept that recovery is slow and I’m also discovering that it is incredibly rewarding. I am surprised and grateful that my practice continues to evolve, even when I have not been able to do many of the poses that challenged me before my accident. Practice and everything is coming, my teacher’s teacher famously said. Yes! .

Consistent effort balanced with patience and ease creates possibility and invites healing. Now is always the best time to practice.

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