We are in Jacksonville visiting Inez for the MLK holiday. Grateful for the many sacrifices of people like Dr. King who through his words and deeds reminded us that love is the most potent force in the Universe, that we can embrace possibility even when reality looks limiting.


This morning we watched a quad rugby game with Inez. One of her professors works with the team. The game is fast moving. Players need to have a disability that affects at least three limbs. Each player is assessed by an occupational or physical therapist and are assigned functional points. Each team must not exceed a total of eight functional points to field a team.

Watching the game inspired me to think about concept of challenge and how we can face these with creativity when we have a supportive community grounded in love. I learned that Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital sponsors the players, paying for the cost of the chairs and travel. The program connecting Brooks with the Bandits team was started by an occupational therapist years ago and was embraced by the CEO of the hospital. It was amazing to sit in the bleachers and witness something so powerful, possible, and full of love.


We hope you have a good weekend. We encourage you to look around and discover some POSSIBILITY around you. The dream Dr. King beautifully described in 1963 is a work in process that invites us all to be inspired and act. Keep your eyes open for inspiration.

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