Is it real?

All fears are based on perception. Knowing this can free us up to live more fully.

Safety First

Try out these three simple practices to help you feel safe and at ease.

Prison Journal—Blockages to Freedom

I listened to an Eckhart Tolle video on my way to my last yoga class at the prison for the year. In the video Tolle responds to a question regarding mental illness. He mentions something that I’ve sensed and believe. It is the notion that there is one consciousness, and that that one consciousness is […]


Years ago when our kids were young we took one of our many camping trips to the Smokies. We listened to “Howliday Inn,” the story of a vampire bunny. The highlight of the book was this little phrase that has stuck with us, “Adventure is good for the soul.” As we head back home, we […]

Yoga after Bicycle Accident

I led my first yoga practice at the Dice House last night. Four weeks after the accident, I found myself back in our neighborhood yoga community surrounded by friends and neighbors and a whole lot of love. As I started the class, my heart filled with gratitude. What an incredible privilege it is to practice. […]

Growth after Trauma

By the time my students reach my classes at Miami Dade College many of them (research shows from 66 to 85%) have experienced a traumatic lifetime event. These events range from the death of a loved one to physical and sexual abuse. These numbers clearly go up as we get older. I see this as […]

Yoga for Everyone

When most people think of yoga, they often imagine slender, hyper flexible women doing beautiful poses. OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration! But the idea out there for many is that yoga is for the fit and flexible and primarily young. This stereotype is worth shattering. It’s worth shattering because yoga offers those of us who […]

Food as Medicine

Food is the best medicine. Please take a moment to read about the potential benefits of reducing carbohydrate intake to affect mood disorders. So much of the modern diet is based on processed food; we are beginning to understand the consequences. If you yourself are struggling with symptoms of a mood or thought disorder, I […]

Panic, Anxiety, and Middle Age

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Mental health is something most people don’t talk about openly, and middle age is a particularly vulnerable time with the rate of suicide being the highest during this time. Although the increase in numbers suggests a situation aggravated by the modern stresses of an economic system based on objectification, of an always on digital life […]