Schedule for Week of April 3 through April 6

Personal Training

Maribel has openings this week. Please contact her if you would like to schedule a class.

Private Yoga Sessions

One of the main reasons that people give for not going to yoga class is that they feel they are not flexible enough. This is another way of saying that they don’t feel they will be able to follow through with a class and would rather avoid the sense of failure. Although that would never happen in one of our classes, practicing one-on-one with a teacher is a wonderful way to jump start one’s yoga experience and feel more confident.

We have openings in the afternoons most days of the week along with some mornings. Call us to schedule.

Fitness Camp

We meet Tuesday and Thursday from 5 – 6 PM at Continental Park (10001 SW 82 Ave), next to the basketball courts. The weather has been wonderful. Join a small group of 6-10 who are motivated to sweat, strengthen, and stretch.

There will be no fitness camp on Thursday, April 6.

Cost: $10 per session


Our group yoga class schedule is as following:

Monday (Dice House, 10001 SW 82 Ave)

Finish off your Monday on a positive note with a gentle flow class. You will feel relaxed and ready for bed by the end of the session.

Cost: $10 per session. No need to sign up.

Tuesday and Wednesday (At Our House)

These sessions are more intense. We work on a set sequence meant to be followed up with home practice. The class is simple but you will sweat and feel you have gone through a mind/body workout.

Cost: $10 per session. The class is limited to 6 students. Sign up here .

Thursday (Dice House, 10001 SW 82 Ave)

This week Maribel and I will be working in Tennessee. There will be no yoga practice.

Spring Retreat 2017

If you or someone you know needs a spring time reset, consider joining us in the rolling hills of Tennesee for four days of yoga, hikes, gourmet meals, and large doses of relaxation and joy. Learn more.

Published by Carlos Gonzalez

Carlos Gonzalez teaches English at Miami Dade College and Yoga and wellness in the community through the company he and his wife co-founded, Miami Firm Body. He works with words, images, and the body. His calling is to invite others to join him in the joy of searching within and finding the strength and courage to walk toward wholeness. Carlos is a spell caster, an educational shaman whose core mission is to transform grief into a source of possible beauty, vulnerability into strength, fear into wonder.

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