Are you eating fermented foods?

A recent study by Stanford University researchers confirmed that a diet rich in fermented foods lowers inflammatory biomarkers. The link between gut health and our overall health is becoming clearer.

We often think of high fiber foods when we think of our gut health, but the study showed that fermented foods significantly altered the gut microbiome, increasing microbial diversity and improving immune responses.Take a look a the article to learn more. The implications are far-reaching when it comes to optimizing our diet for our health.

Take a look at my review of my favorite kimchee, an excellent way to up your fermented food intake while adding a lot of flavor and adventure to your diet.

Pardon some of the background noise. We were getting ready to prep for dinner.
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By Carlos Gonzalez

Carlos Gonzalez teaches English at Miami Dade College and yoga and wellness in the community through Miami Firm Body, the company Maribel (his wife) and he co-founded. He works with words, movement, and the body. His calling is to invite others to join him in the joy of searching within and finding the strength and courage to walk toward wholeness. Carlos is a spell caster, an educational shaman whose core mission is to transform grief into a source of possible beauty, vulnerability into strength, fear into wonder.

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