Love-Strength for New Adventures in 2021

Hi everyone. I hope that as you read this post, you are feeling strong in your commitment to loving yourself as unconditionally as possible. Looking back at 2020 none of us could have imagined what we were going to go through. For most of us our ability to remain resilient in the face of so much struggle has been grounded in that inner strength that comes from that love that resides within but is often obscured by layers of self-judgment. 

Looking forward we can’t forecast what’s ahead. But just like last year, we will make it through this one and grow and thrive as we nurture that love-strength within. Working  out this part of ourselves doesn’t just happen in isolation. It’s most effective when we sense it in community.

With that in mind, I want to remind you that we start community yoga on Monday, January 4 from 7-8:15 PM. What a great way to start the year! Come breathe, move, and strengthen that love-strength. Invite a friend. Water the seeds of possibility.

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