Meditation as Befriending

Sitting together with others in mindful quietness is rich medicine. This is particularly true when we find ourselves surrounded by the chatter and distraction of non-stop media coverage of our current crisis. Even for those of us who remain healthy, our daily life has been disrupted in profound ways. Some of us are facing financial hardship that have immediate and long term consequences. All of us face another kind of disruption, one that involves having time to be with oneself. Because many of us are no longer going about our day with the basic distractions that worklife often provides, we are now at home having to face ourselves, sometimes not knowing who the person beyond the daily routine really is. For many, the person without the worklife schedule is a perfect stranger. 

But instead of befriending that stranger, the encouragement from all around is to binge read news, watch Netflix shows, or join the latest live stream how-to channel. Keeping sane becomes synonymous with being distracted. But deep inside we know that distracting ourselves keeps us from feeling the depth of our grief, fear, and loneliness. It also keeps us from the gift that this moment offers us.

Is it possible that during this time of social distancing we can come together more deeply and experience ourselves and each other in the authenticity of our joys and losses? Can we be together and listen to the still small voice within us and in doing so in quietness and solidarity know that this crisis is an invitation to experience our lives in a more satisfying way? 


If these are questions you find interesting, if you would like to have a quiet moment in communion with others, join us for a 20 minute session every Sunday night from 8:30-8:50 PM. We will be on Zoom. Join the room at least 5 minutes before 8:30 PM to allow yourself to get settled.

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