We often can  go through our day and miss the beauty in our surroundings. Today can be different. A simple practice today may be to expect wonder, to notice the good and beautiful, and expand the habit of joy.


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  1. Thank you for the reminder… It is easy to forget to stop and admire the beauty of the sky, the trees the little hummingbird, when we rush through the day catching up with shores that are always there…

  2. Thank you for this just as I prepare for the Godly Play Training. It’s what we are all about. I wonder. ..

    1. Jenny, so glad it spoke to you. I love the connection. Somewhere within, we are all meant to move, play, notice, and wonder. Our modern lifestyle seems to short-circuit these impulses. Any practice that helps us rediscover is useful and worth our efforts. Sending you lots of love from Miami.

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