Join us this Monday and Thursday from 7-8 PM for a gentle online yoga class. It is free of charge. This is our way of trying to be helpful during this time of heightened stress. 

Taking care of our mind is as important as washing our hands. This is not the time to tune out and retract in fear. Remaining present means paying attention carefully and taking care of those things that are our responsibility. Doing so in a state of equanimity calls forth tremendous skill. Working with the inevitable worry that doing this will have on us is what these yoga sessions are intended to help us with. We practice on our mats so that we can grow and blossom, especially during trying times.

To participate, you will need a free Zoom account. Zoom is a video conferencing tool. Here’s a link to download Zoom if you don’t already have an account.  

Once you have a Zoom account, here’s a link to the class:

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