Showing Up

"No, the only tired I was, was tired of giving in." --Rosa Parks

This past week I tried something different with my Zoom classes at Miami Dade. Instead of breaking into small groups, I placed students in individual breakout rooms. I told them to work on their writing projects as I took time to visit with each of them.

What a remarkable experience. My aim was to be helpful with their sounding board for their work, but instead of focusing solely on work, we invariably came back to living, and I became more of a cheerleader, encouraging them to live their one precious human lives the best they could.

They told me about leaving family behind in distant countries, rape, abuse, and how the pandemic has made mental health struggles even more difficult for those already feeling the weight of suffering, a suffering that too often seems it would come through multiple lifetimes instead of just 18 years worth.

I share this with you as my way of releasing some of the weight of holding this space and as a reminder for you to continue to show up in all of the places you do. Healing work takes many shapes and forms.

The last post was about drishti and not turning away from what is difficult. This post is along the same lines, but the point this time is that we don’t have to wait for an opportunity to practice drishti. We can do so in our everyday experiences with those in front of us.

Asana practice is meant to help us show up. We come to our mats not just to simply stretch out the body. Practice can also engage the body with an aim to to undo the internal stress of holding the tension that comes from showing up and doing the work of witnessing without flinching.

Join us tonight at 7pm on Zoom to experience this release. Bring a mat and invite a friend. This class is free of charge.

If you can’t make it, here’s a short practice that can be done at the start or end of the day.

Earlier this week we remembered Rosa Parks and her willingness to show up and not give in. She’s alongside all of us tonight and every day.

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  1. All of your essays are brilliant, but the last two have rocked my soul. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, practice, and heart. Gratefully, Joannie

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