Recipes for Week 1 of the Green Challenge

We picked up our first box from the St. Simon’s Farm and are excited about adding more greens to our diet while celebrating local food, social entrepreneurship, and community. Here’s a not-so-polished un-boxing video of Week 1’s greens and veggies. (Maribel and I recently got a new camera, please be patient with us as we […]

Going Nuts for Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular disease has run in our family for generations. In my case, it was my mom. For Maribel, it was her dad. We both saw how this disease affected these beautiful souls and ultimately took their lives. Although both of our parents lived longer than expected, and did so thanks to modern medicine, numerous surgical […]

Taking Care of the Aging Brain–The Green Challenge

In this post we want to come back to our Green Challenge and encourage you to participate and get excited about eating more leafy greens. The message about eating more greens goes back a long way. As a kid I remember watching Popeye get strength from eating spinach. As a Cuban kid raised on rice […]

Reversing Heart Risk with Exercise

A study published January 8, 2018 adds evidence to what we already know: Exercise is good for you! The study in the journal Circulation¬†followed 53 middle-aged participants (45-64) who were healthy but lived a sedentary life. Participants were placed in two groups. One had supervised high-intensity exercise training, and the other followed an exercise plan […]