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What Does It Mean To Be Unconventional?

In today’s post we want to share a conversation that could help you in your health journey. Over the last couple of years Maribel and I have been paying more attention to the root causes of many of our own health struggles and have been inspired by the work of both Mark Hyman and Chris Kresser. The changes we have seen in ourselves have been gratifying and have inspired to share what we have learned.

This 30-minute conversation provides a glimpse at the simple yet powerful things we can do to improve our health. These include eating foods that are not processed, that are delicious, moving our bodies more, and having a community around us that supports and encourages us to live life with joy and gratitude.

The purpose of Miami Firm Body is to be a beloved community where we can heal and live in fullness and wholeness. Take a listen. Feed yourself. Feed others. Share this post.


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