Yoga Practice — Seeds of Freedom

Hi everyone. This longer video is of a  Zoom yoga session with friends. The cover image is of Everglades Correctional Institution, a state prison on the edge of the Everglades near Miami. Up until the pandemic, I was sharing a yoga practice with a group of 20 incarcerated men there. 

The men at ECI are tremendous yogis. Their practice is intense, powerful, and insightful. Their understanding of working with very challenging situations was something that they brought to their mats every time we gathered. They clearly understood that yoga was not going to free them from the external prison bars that confined them, but it had the potential to point the way for the liberation of their own minds and hearts. The most powerful prison is the one we create around our own distraction, keeping us in a state of seeming separation from our hearts and one another.

The first part of the practice is sitting. Feel free to use parts of the video that make the most sense for your own needs. We all want to be free. Yoga as invitation to move and breathe in that freedom. 

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