Fitness and Wellbeing with Care and Kindness

Miami Firm Body is a holistic health company whose purpose is to help individuals reach their fitness and wellness goals. We provide individual and group fitness classes along with private and small group yoga classes. We believe that health and wellness begins with our minds and mindsets. We strive to create a positive environment where we reduce stress and increase motivation through kindness and community.


Group Fitness

Group classes are available throughout the week. These are for all levels. Each class is specially created based on the needs of the group. Cost per group is $60.

Personal Training

Personal training is the best option for those who who want to start on their wellness or who need a boost if having hit a plateau. Cost is $60 per hour.


We offer yoga at the Historic Dice House at Continental Park, Monday and Thursday from 7-8 PM. These classes are for all levels and are based on basic Hatha yoga sequences meant to destress and encourage balance. Cost is $10.

We also offer private yoga classes. Cost for a private class is $70.

Interested in learning more about us, explore our blog. It is a window into what is important to us and what we want to share with you.

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