Miami Firm Body offers quality personal training and yoga classes to individuals and groups. Maribel and Carlos–two teachers who have been in the field of coaching and education for over 25 years–base their work on care of the body and soul.

Maribel is a NASM certified personal trainer with over 15 years of experience. Carlos is a contemporary movement educator who has worked with individuals and groups on mind-body awareness for over 12 years.

All of our offerings whether small group exercise classes, workshops on healthy meal preparation, or yoga classes are meant to engage the body, stimulate the mind, and encourage joy and peace.

We believe that the antidote of (dis)ease has to do with finding ourselves at home in our bodies, knowing deeply and with certainty that we belong, are enough, and are at our our core, deeply blessed and beloved.

We want to walk together with you on this path and as we do, walk each other home with greater joy, pleasure, and ease.

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