Good news as we get older

Pain is an inevitable part of life. We have an intricate nervous system to thank. Unfortunately, as we get older, pain becomes more prevalent, often diminishing our capacity to enjoy life as fully as we could, often hindering our ability to connect with others and enjoy the simple moments life has to offer us.

But there’s good news in this front, a recent study points to a simple and effective way of staving off pain related to joints, muscles, and bones as we get older. It involves no medication or little or no cost. It’s vigorous activity.

According to a recently published study from University of Portsmouth, to ward off pain as we age, we need to workout harder and more frequently. This may sound daunting for anyone who is sedentary, but as little as a once-a-week vigorous activity such as tennis, running, or digging holes in your backyard can help.

It’s not surprising that this is the case. Exercise is a powerful mood elevator that douses us in feel good neurotransmitters–endorphins. And even when already in pain, movement has been shown to improve healing and alleviate discomfort.

These are weighted burpees.

Again, we will not escape pain, but we can do what we can to work with it and reduce it.

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