Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

Hi everybody. Please join me this Tuesday, November 9 for a four-week introduction to mindfulness training class. This is the second offering of this class and we are excited to share it with you. Mindfulness meditation has many benefits. These include greater resilience, less reactivity to the things that press your buttons, and and overall… Continue reading Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation Obstacles

patience in meditation practice Everything about our culture trains us from Day 1 to achieve prescribed outcomes by certain stages of our lives. If we don’t meet those standards, we are often given some sort of remediation. Think of schools these days! This concept gets more engrained and out of balance as we uncritically assume… Continue reading Meditation Obstacles

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Mindfulness Meditation Classes

I heard the question on the flyer from meditation teacher, Tara Brach. It startled me and helped me better appreciate the power of mindfulness meditation practice. Mindfulness meditation is about awakening to what is and not turning away. It is a simple practice with powerful consequences. The practice is accessible, perfect for anyone living during… Continue reading Mindfulness Meditation Classes

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A good night’s sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep has been a challenge for me. Since I shattered my elbow three years ago, my sleep has not been quite the same. I often need to adjust myself during the night because I feel discomfort. Because of that, I’ve become much more aware of what can help me get the… Continue reading A good night’s sleep

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Poverty and Race

Maribel, Ozzie, and I. Blessed and grateful.

Both my mom and dad grew up in extreme poverty. Neither one of them went beyond a 6th grade formal education. Their childhoods and youth were one of intense struggle and suffering. Their trauma was compounded with the loss of family and social support as they immigrated first to Spain and then to the United… Continue reading Poverty and Race

The Improvement Trap

Dune daisies bathed in morning light.

This past month I created a challenge for myself: For five days a week run for 15 minutes, swim for another 15, do five Sun A and Sun B salutations, and finish with a 20-minute meditation sit. I did this not so much because I wanted to improve my physical health, but because I realized… Continue reading The Improvement Trap