Prison Graduation

A couple of months ago I asked for donations for yoga mats to start a yoga class at Everglades Correctional Institution. We received over 30 mats in about a week. We stopped collecting and the class started in early September.

Since then I’ve been teaching every Friday from 9-11 AM. It has been a remarkable learning opportunity for me. I have learned about courage, faith, and strong determination. I leave ECI after every class exhausted and wishing I could share with all of you the grace and goodness of the yoga practice we do together.

Although I know I can’t have you physically with me during class, on Tuesday, December 10th (9-11AM), we will have our end of semester graduation where the men in the program share their writing and insights from the semester.

This event is open to you. It is a great opportunity to be inspired and realize that even in the most difficult of circumstances, we can find ourselves, develop our humanity, and find a way where way seems impossible.

Come meet the men in my yoga class and learn about the incredible work of Exchange for Change, the non-profit that sponsors the class.

To attend, fill out this form. Select ECI.

Maribel and I will be there. We will meet you at the entrance. If you can’t attend but would like to support the sharing of Yoga with those in the prison system, you can make a tax deductible donation to Exchange for Change. Bring your check to any of our classes in the upcoming weeks before the year ends.

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