I started working with Maribel in April  2017 to get into shape and increase my strength and overall wellbeing. I have known Carlos for several years and when I found out that Maribel was a personal trainer, it seemed like destiny that I work with her. 

That general health regime took on a more focused direction when I decided to undergo hip replacement surgery in July.  My surgeon advised me to strengthen my quads and glutes as those would be the muscles that are most likely to atrophy after surgery during my recovery. 

Well, Maribel kicked my glutes (and quads) twice a week for the 3 months prior to my surgery and the results were nothing short of miraculous.  My surgeon reported that he had some difficulty working around my very strong quads but assured me they would go a long way towards a speedy recovery. 

I was walking the same day of my surgery and my physical therapy team was very impressed with my condition when I arrived for my first session.  They indicated that I was at a level they would usually see 2 to 3 weeks into therapy!  I can’t thank Maribel enough for the caring and focused way she approached my specific needs. 

I lost body fat and gained muscle and I am now back to continue the healthy journey with Miami Firm Body.  By the way – seeing Ozzie every session is also a real bonus!

-David Lotker

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