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Cancer and Holiday Excesses

Although we may not be able to take all of the risk factors off the table, there’s plenty we can do to optimize our health and reduce our chances of cancer.

As we get closer to the holidays, don’t let excess food and alcohol take you off your commitment to yourself. Most people overeat and drink as a form of self medication during this season. It can be different.

Here are some numbers to keep in mind:

The leading preventable causes of cancer:

Cigarette smoking- 19 percent of cancer cases and 28.8 percent of deaths
Obesity and overweight – 7.8 percent of cases and 6.5 percent of deaths
Alcohol intake – 5.6 percent of cases and 4 percent of deaths
Ultraviolet radiation – 4.7 percent of cases and 1.5 percent of deaths
Lack of exercise – 2.9 percent of cases and 2.2 percent of deaths
Low fruit and vegetable intake – 1.9 percent of cases and 2.7 percent of deaths


One antidote to the holiday blues is movement. Join us for fitness camp or yoga in the coming weeks. We are here for you.

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