Happy Hips and Lower Back

Happy Hips and Lower Back

Hi everyone. I hope that as you read this post, you’re feeling well. The following sequence was our Monday, January 10 yoga class. I took these pictures planning the class but failed to add the pigeon to wide angle forward fold sequence toward the middle of the class. (I got interrupted by the plumber who came to fix one of our toilets. Life happens and we practice the best we can.)

We held each pose for two three three minutes, and reset between them with a transition. In this gravity yoga practice, instead of going to the deepest expression of the pose, we start with a gentle exploration, allowing the body to relax into a stronger and deeper stretch as we hold the pose longer than a flow yoga class. 

Breathing is geared toward relaxation. The breath is on a 4 count inhale and an 8 count exhale. The inhale is through the nose and the exhale through the mouth with a bit of a hissing sound as we exhale. This is meant to massage the vagus nerve and create a release within the nervous system.

Pick three or four of these poses and use them as a daily practice. 

Join me for a gravity class on Mondays or a flow class on Thursdays.

Hope to see you soon,


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