Royal Poinciana Ecstasy

Good morning, neighborhood yogis!

As I walked out of my house this morning for a walk with my dog, Luna, I  noticed the scent of Royal Poinciana. I looked up, and sure enough, the blooms on our tree are beginning to show.

That smell always invites me to summer.

Memories of childhood freedom and seemingly endless days of bike rides and swimming come to mind. These memories hold a special message for me.

What I sensed as a child, even in the midst of sometimes difficult times, still holds true. The essence of those childhood experiences was freedom, liberation, expansion, and ecstasy.

As I sit on my mat and practice with all of you, I know I touch that very essence which is boundless and free.

Liberation from the weight of the world of illusion is our birthright. For me our yoga  practice is not merely a stretch but an invitation to enter that very space, right now, wherever we may be in our lives’ journey.

If you are needing a nudge this midweek, here it is.

See you soon.

Dice House
10001 SW 82 Ave

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