Take up your practice.

I’m in a small room with no windows with a group of stressed out students writing an in-class essay. I write this short reflection as my way to be in solidarity with them, to do what they are doing. I look to the room in front of me and can only wonder how some may be struggling. I know some did not do the homework needed for the writing assignment. Others may be stuck because being asked to write something often does that to our psyche. We shut down. Many, however, are busy putting words to paper.

What a mix of possibilities. I’ve realized it makes no difference in which group any of them fall. The fact is that they are all practicing, doing the best they can at this very moment, even with all of their limitations. We’ve known for a very long time that we learn best by doing. If we add to the doing, reflection, then there’s a good possibility that someone will take something from the experience that they did not have prior to walking through the classroom doors.

I’m reminded writing these words that I often wait for just the right time to do what I know I have to do, but the right time is too often¬†another time. I leave to another day what I am drawn or called to do and miss countless opportunities to practice, reflect, and potentially¬†learn. I share this reflection with you to encourage you to take up your practice (could be anything–writing, gardening, exercising, cooking, yoga…), especially when you feel unprepared, stuck, or uninspired. Doing so will ensure learning, confidence, and transformation.

Namaste. Keep practicing.

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