Yoga and Anxiety


Years ago while teaching one of my Miami Dade classes I had a panic attack. I had never experienced anything like it. My vision narrowed. My heart raced. I gasped for air. My fingers turned cold. Thankfully, I  managed to dismiss class and walked out of the building to feel the warm and humid night air. The episode passed and I made it home, but they returned just about every night for the better part of that summer.

It was during this time that yoga found me. I practiced at home through videos because I did not feel I was able to be in an enclosed area with people. My anxiety had become so strong.

Years later I am grateful that my anxiety is a friend I sometimes get visits from, but these are often friendly encounters, mostly bringing me back to my heart and love.

I look back now and realize that each time I step on my mat I am not merely stretching or exercising when I practice the asanas. Each posture is a purification, helping me take down the obstacles I too often place to just be.

In these challenging times, know that there are means to work with ourselves so we can be healthier and more present. I invite you to join me on Monday and Thursday night for yoga.

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