Yoga and Anxiety


Years ago while teaching one of my Miami Dade classes I had a panic attack. I had never experienced anything like it. My vision narrowed. My heart raced. I gasped for air. My fingers turned cold. Thankfully, I  managed to dismiss class and walked out of the building to feel the warm and humid night… Continue reading Yoga and Anxiety

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Yoga Share from June 19

Do what you can to come back to yourself, your heart, your body. Yoga practice is like the breadcrumbs in the forest leading us back home.

Love Guides

As we left Gainesville this morning, we could not help but realize that wherever we are, we are given an abundance of guidance, reminding us not to fear, to trust, and to act with confidence, strength of conviction, and love. Love guides and marks the path, even when the path is only one step, unclear,… Continue reading Love Guides