When faced with the possibility of complete destruction and loss, what is our emotional, mental, or spiritual default, our point of reference?

I kept thinking about this question as we faced what could have been a devastating storm for Miami. I felt dread and fear the days leading up to the storm and at some point felt the sweetness of surrender. Over and over again I was reminded that I am no different than all of the other people on this planet exposed to the elements. I have no more greater protection from G-d or the angels or my Guru than those who lost their lives in Houston or the Caribbean days before.

What I do have is a certain faith that love is the constant even in the storm. It’s the motivation and power to do the best we can to board up the house or evacuate on a Jet Blue plane. It is the force behind all the cleaning up and the inspiration for all of the poetry that comes out of struggle and loss.

I’m feeling grateful today for the taste of love and the opportunity to live in service to that love yet another day. Maribel and I remind you today to come back to that foundation if in the busyness of life you have been distracted away from it. This is our sure security.

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