Soaking a Sponge in Honey

If you soak a sponge in honey, you squeeze it and honey comes out. If you soak a sponge in vinegar, you squeeze it and vinegar comes out. David Nichtern A student sent me a message letting me know that our school food pantry was working with Miami Rescue Mission collecting women’s sport’s wear along… Continue reading Soaking a Sponge in Honey

Permission for Ease

Asking ourselves what we need right now to be at ease is a simple and powerful practice to undo stress and tension that bogs us down.

Unexpected Grace

These past couple of months have been tremendously powerful. The day of my accident I met my surgeon, a fellow Yogi. He took an extraordinary amount of time not just to talk with me regarding my surgery, but surprisingly and graciously shared his love of yoga and connection to a tradition that is thousands of… Continue reading Unexpected Grace

Yoga for Everyone

When most people think of yoga, they often imagine slender, hyper flexible women doing beautiful poses. OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration! But the idea out there for many is that yoga is for the fit and flexible and primarily young. This stereotype is worth shattering. It’s worth shattering because yoga offers those of us who… Continue reading Yoga for Everyone