Soaking a Sponge in Honey

If you soak a sponge in honey, you squeeze it and honey comes out. If you soak a sponge in vinegar, you squeeze it and vinegar comes out. David Nichtern A student sent me a message letting me know that our school food pantry was working with Miami Rescue Mission collecting women’s sport’s wear along… Continue reading Soaking a Sponge in Honey

Fight, Flight or FREEZE

When faced with danger, animals have three basic responses. The first two are well known by most, but the freeze response is one that is often overlooked. Animals when faced with imminent death or extreme danger sometimes freeze and lose their ability to move. Think of opossums! This reaction sometimes confuses the predator, allowing for… Continue reading Fight, Flight or FREEZE

Yoga Share from June 19

Do what you can to come back to yourself, your heart, your body. Yoga practice is like the breadcrumbs in the forest leading us back home.