Fight, Flight or FREEZE

When faced with danger, animals have three basic responses. The first two are well known by most, but the freeze response is one that is often overlooked. Animals when faced with imminent death or extreme danger sometimes freeze and lose their ability to move. Think of opossums! This reaction sometimes confuses the predator, allowing for escape. […]

How are you?

When was the last time you checked in with yourself? Sometimes we don’t ask because we want to forget.

Salmon Patties

Try this delicious and easy to make salmon patty recipe.

Meeting Amygdala Hi-Jack on the Road

There’s no 3-step-process to change a lifetime of stressful living. There is a way, however, to transform mind-heart-body. We can begin today in that process. Join us.

Attuning to Ourselves

Social distancing has entered our vocabulary in an unexpected way. How might we keep physical distance but deepen social bonds?