A preliminary study suggests an upright posture may improve symptoms of depression. The study, in the March 2017 Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, involved 61 people with mild to moderate depression. The group as a whole was more likely to sit with stooped shoulders and a rounded back compared with people who did not have depression. Half the people were allowed to sit in their usual slouched position, and the other half sat upright, with physiotherapy tape placed on their shoulders and back to help them maintain good posture. Both groups underwent tests designed to raise stress levels and then filled out questionnaires to measure their mood symptoms. The researchers found that those who sat in the upright posture had lower levels of fatigue and anxiety.

Source: In a slump? Fix your posture – Harvard Health

The way we move impacts not just our physical body but also our mental health. As we age, our habits of movements often put us on a downward spiral toward limited mobility and range of motion which too often translates in a change in the way we perceive and interact with the world. We can counteract this tendency as we intentionally open up the body with care and practice.

Join us training the body and mind!


Working on shoulder and thoracic spine mobility. Not quite a beautiful wheel but definitely a practice I come back to!

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