Regaining a Connection to Ourselves

Lately I’ve started each of my online yoga practices by sharing with everyone the permissions I often give myself when I get on my mat.  I find these useful as a way to unwind the conditioning I’ve received all of my life to work hard and be my best. As good as these intentions might be, I’ve come to realize that they often leave me far from my own heart.  As I’ve gotten older, I understand that those impulses often come with shackles that leave me in a world of judgment and comparison that prevents me from showing up fully as I am. 

I have also learned that regaining a connection with myself and unwinding that conditioning is gentle, kind, and slow work. It is not as easy as it sounds. It is key, however, if I am going to align my life with my heart and find myself a little less fragmented and more present. This gentle work is what gets me on my mat. 

How about you? What are you giving yourself permission to these days? What does your practice of reconnecting with your precious and beautiful heart look like? What an amazing time to consider how we want to live, how we want to proceed.

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