Six Months

The source of my breath–pathway through fear revealing the courage to share myself, to let that which is centered, whole & free find its way in my body, mind & speech–Sitting still among the jagged rocks of senseless chatter and stimulation, finding a gentle smile of deep acceptance, love & joy–Letting go of the weight that hinders movement & soul–Stretching up and down & all around to the center, omnidirectional, present as myself & and all, accessible as I relax to notice my authentic belonging.

We are six months into practicing yoga at the Dice House. What a great experience. We started with one person on our first day and are now averaging about eight each session.

I love this slow and steady growth. A little community of possibility is emerging in an unexpected place. Where many in suburbia lack connections with neighbors, our little corner of Kendall has this miracle of friendship and belonging flowering in our midst.

I love the fact that many who have come to the Dice House do so with others. I think of Massimo and Suzzane riding their bicycles together; Giulia and Carmine sharing a ride; Mary, Joe, Virginia, and Peter squeezing in class after a long day of work; Richard and Lisa often coming with an offering from their garden.  (I’m also thinking of Anne, Jim, Jana, Shari, Carolina, Silvia, Lupita, Sophia and many others….).You are all amazing! Every day I walk up the steps of this special place, I think of the blessing of having a space for community and healing, and I’m supremely grateful.

Each of us walking to the little house to practice this ancient path invite ourselves to go within through the precious portal of the body. We do so knowing that when we take such a journey, we never do so only for ourselves. The ripple effects of being at peace and relaxing deeply blesses all around us.

Thank you all for making this happen, for taking time for youselves, for exploring the body, for being kind to yourselves, for sitting, breathing, stretching, and praying, maybe not with words or with any faith, but with your achy limbs and hearts of love and openness.

Blessings and love for all!

Happy six month anniversary!

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  1. I cannot imagine a more relaxed and safe environment of encouragement and self motivation! Your personhood shows immense love and compassion for our journeys. No matter at what stage we may be! Thanks for that offering of space, and opportunity . I whole heartily congratulate you for your commitment to your neighbors, and community…and friends all of whom feel welcomed to share the pathway, even for a short time of an awareness, enlightenment , refuge or peace. I wish you six decades more or sharing! With a grateful heart

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