Lessons learned.

The past couple of weeks have been busy for Maribel and me at Miami Firm Body. We’ve been teaching workshops, boot camps, and yoga classes–enjoying every bit of contact with you–all along wondering how our work can be of benefit. In this process we are learning a lot. Here are some things you have taught us:


It takes courage to start something new or to say with a clear voice what we want to do with our lives. At the start of the month I taught my first yoga class at the Dice House in Continental Park and had one student. For some this may look like failure or a very low turn-out, but driving home all I could think was how grateful I was for Sylvia being in my class that first day.

The subsequent days I’ve had at least one person show up every single time and we are now averaging about five people. This experience of the small beginnings has been incredibly delicious for me. Teaching yoga is not just a stretch. (Pun intended!) It’s a deeply spiritual practice that for me is a gateway to experiencing the quiet mind that is the space where our true self manifests–where we can hear the still small voice whisper in our ear that we are enough and beloved. The privilege of sharing this practice with others makes my heart sing and fills me with courage to continue.

We have been deeply touched by the trust you have placed in us. We have been overwhelmed with gratitude to see our workshops fill with people eager to learn about food and wanting to find a way to gain greater ease when it comes to making healthy, delicious meals. We offered a menu planning workshop some weeks ago that was full to capacity and tomorrow will provide a Mindful Eating Workshop intended to encourage participants to look at food as a sacred gift meant to connect us to life itself.

We are amazed at each person who has shown up to the Sunday morning cardio and yoga program along with everyone who has participated in the Tuesday/Thursday boot camp at the park. We know how hard it is to begin an exercise program or to restart one. We leave each of these sessions with a greater resolve to provide the most tailored experience for each of you that will help you reach your goals. Your resolve energizes our own.

We are grateful to God for the opportunity for both of us (Maribel and me) to work together in this endeavor. After many years of supporting one another’s separate work, our life has now taken a new track and we see that the path ahead will be more of this work that connects body and soul. Our kids are all leaving the nest, and the energy channels are asking for new ways to express our care and love. (Many of you know that these words come directly from the core of our hearts.)

So as we turn the calendar to another month, we encourage you to look ahead and note that there is time in our life to do the things that matter most to us. We often fall prey to the belief that there is not enough time, but, in fact, there is always enough time for those things that do count.

Please take time to make sure that you are doing what makes your heart sing. If you see that this is not happening, do all you can to change your perspective and your practice so that it does. Life is one and it’s Now. In these next 11 months left of 2016, keep adding your voice to life’s choir which beautifully reminds us, sometimes off key, through sacred song that we belong, we are enough, we are beloved.


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