Poverty and Race

Maribel, Ozzie, and I. Blessed and grateful.

Both my mom and dad grew up in extreme poverty. Neither one of them went beyond a 6th grade formal education. Their childhoods and youth were one of intense struggle and suffering. Their trauma was compounded with the loss of family and social support as they immigrated first to Spain and then to the United… Continue reading Poverty and Race

The Improvement Trap

Dune daisies bathed in morning light.

This past month I created a challenge for myself: For five days a week run for 15 minutes, swim for another 15, do five Sun A and Sun B salutations, and finish with a 20-minute meditation sit. I did this not so much because I wanted to improve my physical health, but because I realized… Continue reading The Improvement Trap

Shooting Our Arrows

This week I watched Paris is Burning, a 1990 documentary film about people who find themselves in the margins of society and create a world where they can belong. The film drags at time, pun intended, but overall, it’s a remarkable storytelling piece that humanizes and poses (another pun) lots of questions. The film ends… Continue reading Shooting Our Arrows