Love Guides

As we left Gainesville this morning, we could not help but realize that wherever we are, we are given an abundance of guidance, reminding us not to fear, to trust, and to act with confidence, strength of conviction, and love. Love guides and marks the path, even when the path is only one step, unclear,… Continue reading Love Guides

Points of Grace and Strength

It’s been six weeks since my bicycle accident. Thankfully, my recovery is coming along well. I woke up today noticing that my nerve pain to my hand has diminished some. The small shift reminded me that nothing ever stays the same. We live in a world of constant change. As silly as it sounds, the… Continue reading Points of Grace and Strength

With Intention

We are on this planet for a short time. What kind of impact do we want to have? Everyday is an opportunity. Can we walk in such a way that our love can serve as a signpost to those who come after us? Live with intention. via Instagram

Yoga after Bicycle Accident

I led my first yoga practice at the Dice House last night. Four weeks after the accident, I found myself back in our neighborhood yoga community surrounded by friends and neighbors and a whole lot of love. As I started the class, my heart filled with gratitude. What an incredible privilege it is to practice.… Continue reading Yoga after Bicycle Accident