Strength, Capacity and New Perspectives

Sometimes our world turns upside down and the best we can do is find our balance, use our strength and capacity to notice new perspectives, adjust our approach, and embrace fully new possibilities. I was able to use @lucasrockwood ‘s yoga trapeze today, the first time since my accident. I like this image because you […]


Years ago when our kids were young we took one of our many camping trips to the Smokies. We listened to “Howliday Inn,” the story of a vampire bunny. The highlight of the book was this little phrase that has stuck with us, “Adventure is good for the soul.” As we head back home, we […]

Barcelona and Grateful

Six weeks ago we did not see ourselves enjoying Barcelona. As we took in this beautiful city today, I could not help but feel gratitude for the opportunity to share with my family. Life is difficult and incredibly delicious and wonderful. via Instagram

Love Guides

As we left Gainesville this morning, we could not help but realize that wherever we are, we are given an abundance of guidance, reminding us not to fear, to trust, and to act with confidence, strength of conviction, and love. Love guides and marks the path, even when the path is only one step, unclear, […]

Ozzie’s Favorite Pose

Ozzie enjoying savasana with everyone tonight at the Dice House. View on Instagram

On the Road to Recovery

Stiches are off, and I have a new Gators cast, and a new set of exercises until the next visit. Celebrating love and healing–not two different things. On the road to recovery! Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement! View this post on Instagram Stiches are off, I have a new Gators cast, and […]


Going through life’s challenges together makes even the most difficult of times less of a strain. We travel back today for a follow up visit with my surgeon in Gainesville. Grateful for everything I’ve learned these past three weeks. Most grateful for the enormous amount of love I’ve experienced.  View this post on Instagram Going […]

Leap of Faith

Hanuman is said to have leaped from India to Sri Lanka in his quest to serve Ram. His feat was a demonstration of how love and devotion when embraced wholeheartedly lifts up the heart and enables us to do what seems impossible. My Hanumanasana is definitely a pose in process, one I may not fully […]

Forgiveness Bell

“Forgiveness is the virtue of the brave,” my Instagram friend, @warith_me, quoted on his post this morning. Forgiveness is also the undoing of all stories of separation and judgment. In the Indian epic poem, The Ramanaya, Ram (God) asks Hanuman, ‘Who are you?” His answer helps us better understand the path of forgiveness in yoga. He […]