Not Going There

We are in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe but today’s picture is not an architectural gem but a message left in a bathroom stall. Wisdom calls out in the streets and beckons us to possibility, creativity, and our full potential–all of which finds the fullest expression in our love for each other […]


Going through life’s challenges together makes even the most difficult of times less of a strain. We travel back today for a follow up visit with my surgeon in Gainesville. Grateful for everything I’ve learned these past three weeks. Most grateful for the enormous amount of love I’ve experienced.  View this post on Instagram Going […]

Intention and Effort

Opening our hearts, engaging our core, standing firm on what is became the basis of our warrior practice yesterday afternoon with a group of amazing FIU students. We keep coming back to the importance of training and strengthening, not just our muscles but our whole self. I’m so grateful that as I wait for bones […]

Forgiveness Bell

“Forgiveness is the virtue of the brave,” my Instagram friend, @warith_me, quoted on his post this morning. Forgiveness is also the undoing of all stories of separation and judgment. In the Indian epic poem, The Ramanaya, Ram (God) asks Hanuman, ‘Who are you?” His answer helps us better understand the path of forgiveness in yoga. He […]

Regaining Trust

When there was a break in our rainy weather today, I got a chance to walk our yard. We live in a tropical hardwood hammock. As I turned the corner of our lot, I smelled the familiar damp earth, the gumbo limbo, oak, and mahogany leaves decomposing mixing with the oxygen exuding from the trees. […]

Panic, Anxiety, and Middle Age

together reinventing

Mental health is something most people don’t talk about openly, and middle age is a particularly vulnerable time with the rate of suicide being the highest during this time. Although the increase in numbers suggests a situation aggravated by the modern stresses of an economic system based on objectification, of an always on digital life […]

Cancer and Lifestyle Shifts

You don’t have to run marathons to reduce your cancer risk, but you have to do something — even small adjustments like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking around the block a couple of times on your lunch hour or parking the car far away from the store when you go to the […]