The Dreaded Scale

Every week we have people step on the scale at our little gym and check their progress. This moment is often dreaded. The scale does not lie. However, it is often misleading. Here’s what we have seen. People often who go on diets and lose a lot of weight quickly,  gain it back, and then become… Continue reading The Dreaded Scale

Six Months

The source of my breath–pathway through fear revealing the courage to share myself, to let that which is centered, whole & free find its way in my body, mind & speech–Sitting still among the jagged rocks of senseless chatter and stimulation, finding a gentle smile of deep acceptance, love & joy–Letting go of the weight that hinders movement & soul–Stretching up and down & all… Continue reading Six Months

Cuban Pancakes

Brown, yellow, green, short and stubby, thin and long. They come in so many varieties. What to do with plantains? I’m at the market and my mind creates an image of a plate with tostones (smashed fried green plantains), mariquitas (smaller and thinner smashed green plantains), and fufu de platanos (mashed green plantain with loads of garlic and… Continue reading Cuban Pancakes

Royal Poinciana Ecstasy

Good morning, neighborhood yogis! As I walked out of my house this morning for a walk with my dog, Luna, I  noticed the scent of Royal Poinciana. I looked up, and sure enough, the blooms on our tree are beginning to show. That smell always invites me to summer. Memories of childhood freedom and seemingly… Continue reading Royal Poinciana Ecstasy

Take up your practice.

I’m in a small room with no windows with a group of stressed out students writing an in-class essay. I write this short reflection as my way to be in solidarity with them, to do what they are doing. I look to the room in front of me and can only wonder how some may… Continue reading Take up your practice.

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Abs and food.

Many have asked us about abs and love handles and how I was able to get some and lose some. Here’s my basic answer: I was able to see changes through two basic things: 90% food and 10% exercise. As with anything worthwhile, everything takes some thought and effort. A strong foundation in healthy eating… Continue reading Abs and food.

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First, a confession.

Since I can remember, I’ve had love handles. Some years ago when Maribel and I started working out, I had this sort of secret but not so secret desire that my exercising would eliminate these. The picture on the left proves that this was not to be. That picture was taken June of this year,… Continue reading First, a confession.

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Lessons learned.

The past couple of weeks have been busy for Maribel and me at Miami Firm Body. We’ve been teaching workshops, boot camps, and yoga classes–enjoying every bit of contact with you–all along wondering how our work can be of benefit. In this process we are learning a lot. Here are some things you have taught… Continue reading Lessons learned.