Sunday Inspiration

I came across this Twitter thread from Martin Heavy Head this morning and wanted to share it. Sometimes we need a reminder and a story to make the embers of our faith and hope glow with the fire of life. An Old Man from our Tribe had gotten sick and was in a coma. He… Continue reading Sunday Inspiration

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Unexpected Grace

These past couple of months have been tremendously powerful. The day of my accident I met my surgeon, a fellow Yogi. He took an extraordinary amount of time not just to talk with me regarding my surgery, but surprisingly and graciously shared his love of yoga and connection to a tradition that is thousands of… Continue reading Unexpected Grace

Not Going There

We are in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe but today’s picture is not an architectural gem but a message left in a bathroom stall. Wisdom calls out in the streets and beckons us to possibility, creativity, and our full potential–all of which finds the fullest expression in our love for each other… Continue reading Not Going There

Love Guides

As we left Gainesville this morning, we could not help but realize that wherever we are, we are given an abundance of guidance, reminding us not to fear, to trust, and to act with confidence, strength of conviction, and love. Love guides and marks the path, even when the path is only one step, unclear,… Continue reading Love Guides

With Intention

We are on this planet for a short time. What kind of impact do we want to have? Everyday is an opportunity. Can we walk in such a way that our love can serve as a signpost to those who come after us? Live with intention. via Instagram

Growth after Trauma

By the time my students reach my classes at Miami Dade College many of them (research shows from 66 to 85%) have experienced a traumatic lifetime event. These events range from the death of a loved one to physical and sexual abuse. These numbers clearly go up as we get older. I see this as… Continue reading Growth after Trauma

Why Practice?

I was perplexed as I looked down the street from us and noticed one of our neighbors mow his lawn. We had just emerged from our boarded houses. Days before we were worried South Florida was going to disappear into the arms of a Hurricane Irma. He carefully mowed his lawn leaving perfectly parallel lines… Continue reading Why Practice?

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